Blastradius EP '05



1. Lambs | download
2. Defiance | download
3. Futile Struggle | download
4. Italian Strike | download
5. Blastradius | download

Download full EP as a zip file [24 MB]

Recorded during 2004 in Kuolio studios.

Price: 5 €

Some reviews: (5/5, demo of the month) Finnish
sonos metallicos (4/5) Finnish (4/5) Finnish
chambers magazine Finnish
the metal observer (8/10)
global domination
inferno (demo of the year)

Promo '02 CD-R



1. Skies Above | download | tab
2. Screamaniac | download
3. Anti-hope | download

Recorded during the spring and
summer of 2002 at Kuolio studios

Sold out

Some reviews: (5/5) Finnish
inferno mag. Finnish (4/5) Finnish
metal judgment (4/5)

Kuolio Sessions vol.1 tape '03

kuolio sessions vol.1


1. Blastradius
2. Defiance | tab
3. Gargantuan
4. Propaganja (Sepultura-cover. Feat Sami Harju from Blueprint Human Being on guest vocals.) metelimittari victor

Sold out

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